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Study Abroad

We know we are repeating ourselves...


...but it is true: the GMA is an institution founded by musicians for musicians.


You love a challenge and think outside the box, that's why you chose us. As a perfectionist you want to immerse yourself into your field of studies to get the best out of it.


Africa, Asia, Europe, America – we've got you covered!


We don't just call ourselves global – we really are. Put the finishing touches to your studies in the country of origin of your major instrument at one of our many partner institutions around the world.


Let' say...

You choose to major in percussion with a focus on Korean music. We will assess your needs together with our partner, the National Gugak Centre in Seoul, to find the perfect institution, supporting you to reach your academic goals.


Seize this incredible opportunity to broaden your horizons and experience another culture first-hand while giving your academic education the final touch that will set you apart.


We are looking forward to welcoming you at the GMA!