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Degree Program


The Bachelor of Music is a four-year degree program comprising eight semesters. The bachelors degree is a skills based program. You will encounter a broad range of musical concepts from around the world and will be encouraged to use the tools you acquire to develop your creative potential as a musician to the full. You will be required to choose a major instrument at the beginning of your studies.


The bachelors degree has three components:

1. The Major

The Majors are the main area of focus in the degree program and are designed to impart the theories, techniques and skills from the chosen music cultures and how to apply them in a performing situation and are open to any student regardless of what their major instrument is. Every student is required to participate in large and small ensembles focussed on the music cultures belonging to their Major where they will be encouraged to use the tools they acquire to develop their creative potential as a musician, composer and arranger to the full. Students will also be required to take ensembles outside of their Major area to broaden their musical horizons.


There will be a choice of three majors in the program:


1. Bachelor of Music - Modal Music Cultures

2. Bachelor of Music - Southern Transatlantic Music Cultures

3. Bachelor of Music - Northern Transatlantic Music Cultures

8 semesters

8 semesters

8 semesters

* A fourth major will be offered in South East and East Asian Music Cultures at a later date.

Further Requirements

Apart from the major instrument the students will be required to take a second instrument (piano in the case of non-pianists and drums/percussion in the case of pianists). All students will also be required to take courses in body percussion, music business, career planning and marketing as well as a recording module including acoustics, electro-acoustics, sound synthesis and recording techniques.


2. The Elective Minors

At the beginning of the 5th Semester students will be required to choose an elective minor. The elective minor is an additional focus area and comprises approximately 50% of total study time in the last four semesters of the program which provides an opportunity to develop a multi-focussed individual professional profile. The following elective minors will be offered:


1. Minor in Performance

2. Minor in Music Education

3. Minor in Global Music Studies

semester 5 - 8

semester 5 - 8

semester 5 - 8

3. Elective Courses

These are additional elective courses which allow the student to individually focus their studies according to their interests. The elective courses are drawn from the lectures which make up the different minors as well as additional courses covering other aspects of music in greater depth, open class and joint courses that are mandatory lectures for students in all degree programs.


All the degree programs will be internationally recognized.